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The 2014 Gridiron Grill-off Food, Wine and Tailgate Festival!

John Offerdahl – the Gridiron Griller!

For eight years, this all-pro linebacker for the Miami Dolphins prowled the NFL’s gridiron, looking for football or foe to devour. Now he’s roaming South Florida’s backyards and tailgates seeking the next great recipe to tackle his taste buds and yours. His name is John Offerdahl and he is…the Gridiron Griller!

John’s early years provided valuable experiences that have fueled his newly found passion for grilling. Though chef school wasn’t part of his education, firing up the grill with his dad in Wisconsin was a good preparation for becoming a backyard grilling/tailgating enthusiast. Most warm weekends he and his dad would retreat to the shelter of their deck to escape his four older sisters and mom doing kitchen duties inside. At the Offerdahl home, grilling was man’s work and John quickly fell in love with the simplicity of preparation and the intoxicating smell and taste of the results. Their favorite recipe was the bratwurst they grilled and soaked in good old Milwaukee beer.

By the time John reached high school, he was playing football for the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks. His mom and dad would team up to grill those bratwurst at tailgates outside the stadium, and by college, they were carting that grill across state lines to Kalamazoo, MI, where John’s career as a Western Michigan University Bronco provided four years of tailgating opportunities. Once John signed with the Miami Dolphins, his parents would fly down and let him bring the grill as they would often tailgate post-game in the player’s parking lot of the stadium.

Needless to say, each time John fires up his backyard grill today, many of those great memories coming wafting back. There’s something primordial and deeply satisfying about grilling food over an open flame. It takes time and is often a social experience as you hang out with friends and family talking sports, and waiting to devour the final grilling results.

As John gained restaurant experience in the bagel shops he opened in the 90’s, he wanted to add in a grill to bring that same freshly prepared smell and taste to the quick-casual restaurant format. Offerdahl’s Café Grill became the hybrid of both. Though grilling has become his business, it’s the hobby side of the grill John enjoys sharing with others. “Grilling shouts family, food and fun,” comments John. “I want to share what I’ve learned about the simplicity of using a few fresh ingredients to create great food without the fun being swallowed up with tedious preparations.” So, the Gridiron Griller is out to tackle taste buds one yard at a time!

Consequently, the Gridiron Griller show and website exists to share recipes that anyone can make — even an ex-linebacker with a Bio-chemistry degree! You can see past shows, which feature equal parts fun and food by clicking on to the archives. The recipes are also formatted for printing. Some shows feature a celebrity griller that brought new recipes and ideas. Since it’s great to learn from each other, we’ve provided a place for you to post your tips and recipes. Who knows, maybe you’ll be John’s next grilling guest!

- See more at: http://gridirongriller.com/about-us/#sthash.9Baypnvb.dpuf

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