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Citizens Honored at the 2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. Event

When Joyce Jackson and the MLK, Jr. Memorial Committee of Pompano Beach planned this year’s event, they not only focused on a Day of Service, they also wanted to recognize many of the community’s leaders and behind the scenes workers. Cloretta Williams founded a program for Senior Citizens in Pompano Beach and she seeks to continue providing them meals, arts and crafts and mind stimulating activities on a daily basis at the E. Pat Larkins Center. Zadia Tyson and Gwendolyn Hodge are educators whose outreach far exceeds their physical location. Both are now retired from the Broward School system, but are equally active in Christian Education and the Women’s Ministry at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Pompano Beach. They were among those honored at the MLK, Jr. Celebration in Pompano Beach. Pictured here are: Cloretta Williams and her children Janice Williams Edmond, Audrey Williams Jackson, Renee Williams and Curtis Williams;, while Zadia Tyson and Gwen Hodge smile as they enjoy the festivities.

Downtown Pompano Massing & Zoning Analysis and MLK, Jr. Streetscape Improvements


In our April 2012 issue, we brought you information about these exciting projects.  As promised, read on to learn much more!

Downtown Pompano Massing & Zoning Analysis


February 9, 2012 Public Meeting Downloadable Documents:

For the NW CRA Massing and Zoning Analysis Report, visit http://pompanobeachcra.com/sites/default/files/nw-massing-report.pdf

For a map of the survey area boundary, visit  http://pompanobeachcra.com/sites/default/files/dptoc-area-boundaries.pdf

For the DPTOC proposed timeline, visit  http://pompanobeachcra.com/sites/default/files/dptoc-timeline_0.pdf

MLK, Jr. Boulevard Streetscape Improvements/Downtown Pompano Improvements

The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) seeks community support for the proposed streetscape improvements on the MLK, Jr. Blvd as the plan extends from Dixie Highway to I-95. This project is currently underway and is a part of the larger “Downtown Pompano Connectivity – Streetscape Improvements Project”. The plan is designed to upgrade existing pedestrian connectivity between MLK, Jr. Blvd, Old Pompano, and the Civic Center/ Library Campus facilities. Design plans include widening sidewalks, adding lush landscaping and lighting, and creating a “main street” type of environment.

This project is being coordinated in conjunction with the CRA’s overall incentives program including facades and interior renovations. Consultants are concentrating on the schematic design phase and identifying needs for new/upgraded underground utilities, the under-grounding of overhead utilities, right-of-way availability, and schemes for connectivity points at the intersections of MLK, Jr. Boulevard and NW 10 Avenue, MLK, Jr. Boulevard and Dixie Highway, and Flagler Avenue and NW 3 Street.

Below is the supporting documentation from the Public Meeting held to present the MLK, Jr. Boulevard Streetscape Improvements/Downtown Pompano Improvements to the community.

For more information about the Massing and Zoning Analysis, please contact Natasha Alfonso, CRA Planning Manger at 954-786-4655 or email

For more information about the MLK, Jr. Boulevard Streetscape Improvements/Downtown Pompano Improvements, email Horacio Danovich at .

February 16, 2012 Public Meeting Downloadable Documents:

To view the MLK and Downtown Pompano Streetscape Schematics, visit