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Sandra King, Bringing the Government to You


By Andrea Freygang

Recently, Pompano Today spent time with Sandra King, the City’s Public Communications Director.  Read on for the inside scoop on Sandra, a terrific asset to Pompano Beach.

PT : What is your job and title?
SK: I am now the Public Communications Director. It recently changed—I was Public Information Officer for Pompano Police for 10 years and transferred to City Hall. They never changed my title since I oversee communications for the Fire Department still.

PT:  How long have you been with the City?
SK: 21 years  and always as a PIO/communications director.

PT:  What did you do before working with the City of Pompano Beach?
SK: Before Pompano I was with WTVJ Channel 4 news in Miami as an assignment editor in Miami and Broward.

PT: Favorite thing about your job?
SK: I think that bringing city government to people in the past was somewhat of a challenge, and with today’s technology, it has gotten so much more transparent and fun to use all the different means of technology to bring government to the residents. That’s exciting and that’s fun. Technology has increased communication, so my favorite part of the job is all the new technologies. There are different medias now available to us so we can reach out to people and they can reach out to us easily for better communication in the City and that’s what we’re all about.

PT:   What’s the size of your department?
SK: We have five employees and each employee has a very specialized talent. For instance, we have two video engineers who use a computerized editing machine, the equipment for live broadcast for all meetings. Basically they run a government access TV station 24/7 live. We also webstream the commission/CRA  meetings and create our own original programming. Since I was in television, I host some of those shows. Recently Pompano Beach joined YouTube. We also have a graphic artist who does all the art for city, the layout of Tradewinds magazine, which  I do writing for. We are on Channel 78 in Pompano and Lighthouse Point. We also have a webmaster. I manage all of them and do media relations for the  City and Fire Department.

PT: What makes it an interesting job?
SK: The challenge for me is obviously managing time, but the greatest thing in today’s technologies is that we can get the word that we want out through Facebook, YouTube and the website and it’s all free. We took a very pro-active approach to social media and were one of the first cities to be on FaceBook and Twitter. It is effective – and residents can now respond with social media. Like the Yuletide Parade: It’s the biggest event in the city all year, and there was rainy weather all day. The phones were ringing off the hook and through Facebook and Twitter, we could let them know it was still on.

PT:   What’s the one thing you want the people of Pompano Beach to know about the City?
SK:  If you want information about the city and about what is going on, it is absolutely more available now more than ever through all the different means of communication and technology. It used to be years ago if you didn’t have a newspaper and it wasn’t printed, people had no idea what was going on—they would have to come to meetings. Today all they need is a computer. We will bring the government to you – to anyone,  at anytime.

PT:  Do you live in Pompano?
SK: I used to, since I was pretty much raised in Pompano. I came when I was 10, went to Pompano Middle School and Pompano High School. I currently live in Coconut Creek with family in the area.

PT: What brought you to the City and what makes you stay?
SK: My family moved here in 1972 and I feel that this is my home and I have always felt that Pompano Beach is my home and I have a family here.