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Your Business: Making Your Facebook Profile Pop


By James Stafford

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive in my Facebook class is: “How can I make my profile stand out?” Without a doubt the answer is improve your photography skills! Making your posts standout and get noticed many times comes down the image attached to your content. Taking a couple of extra seconds to think before you take a photo can make all the difference.

Let’s start with a simple portrait.

Here are three photos of my oldest son James. I took the photos in front of our home in full sun with a standard point and shoot camera. The result is photo A:

Your standard camera is going to find an exposure setting that best fits the entire scene.  The solution for getting more color out of your subject is to turn your flash on all the time! Regardless if it is day or night, use the flash. Notice the improvement in the yellow color of the shirt from photo A to B. The next step is to get to eye level with your subject. Most people never do this and it makes a huge difference.  In both photos A and B I’m standing holding the camera at a down angle showing the top of my son’s head. In photo C I got down on one knee so the lens of the camera was at his eye level.

Let’s talk about group photos. Group photos are a great way to get your profile noticed. At every event I photograph I always encourage the organizers to do a group photo.  In the world of social networking, group photos allow participants to share the photo and show off their association with the group and it’s a great tool for getting participants to stay until the end of the event.

Simple Tips for Taking a Group Photo

Cameras see the world in 2D and the focal point will be a flat plane somewhere in the scene.

You want to position people so that their faces are all along the line of the plane; by doing so, everyone’s face will be in focus.

If the group is large and two rows are required, stagger the rows so that the faces in the second row fill the space between the people in the front row.



Once I’m confident that everyone is in place I always say, “If you can’t see the camera it can’t see you.” Group photos at the end of the day are like trying to herd cats and they’ll never be perfect.

Don’t forget to use a flash!

Below is an example of a group photo of the Greater Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors I took this past month.

I did receive a question this month from a reader who follows me on Facebook about a photo I took and posted on line.  Here is the photo.

The question was simply “how did I do it?” They told me that they had tried to take a photo of the thunderstorms in the past but couldn’t get a similar result.

This technique is for more advanced photographers using an SLR but in no way is it difficult. The trick to photographing lightning and thunderstorms is a tripod! You’re never going to be able to push the trigger and beat the flash – our reaction time is not fast enough. By the time you see the flash and push the button it’s gone. So what you want to do is place the camera on a tripod and set your camera to a shutter speed of 10 to 30 seconds. You will also want to place the ISO to a value of between 100 and 400. I recommend a remote trigger but a 2 second delay would also work. The key is to not allow the camera to move or shake while the shutter is open. You will have to take a few photos and trial and error is part of the process.

If you have a question about social networking or photography email me at or find me on Facebook.com at Facebook.com/JamesStaffordPhotography and I’ll answer your question here.

May 2011 CRA News


By Dawne Richards

The next East Village Uncorked is coming up and the CRA has some exciting events planned! Swipes will be celebrating their Grand Opening ribbon cutting at 6:00 pm and will be serving hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Music will be provided by the SOSOS. Greight Spaces will be hosting their Art on the Boulevard gallery exhibit with 15 new artists’ works on display. Pompano Discount Beverage will be hosting a beer and wine tasting in their shop during the event. And don’t forget to stop by Mr. Fish for the giant lobster giveaway! Guess the weight of “Doc”, named after District 1 City Commissioner Barry Dockswell. Last month’s lobster was 18.2lbs! East Village Uncorked is located in the Harbor Village Shopping Center in the 2600 block of East Atlantic Boulevard west of the Atlantic Boulevard Bridge.

The Pompano Beach CRA is looking for volunteers to work at the next East Village Uncorked event and who want to display yard signs to help advertise the event in their neighborhood. If interested, contact Jeanine at 954.786.7824.

The Pompano Beach CRA is now on Facebook!  Click here to “Like” the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Facebook page, and get even more CRA updates and to see the CRA picture gallery.