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Los Trés Papas: Sending Your Daughter Off to College


So your daughter is headed off to college.  Aside from making sure she’s got enough food, and that you’ve bought out every store in a 25-mile radius so that she won’t have to buy any school supplies, toiletries, linens or cute dorm room decorations for at least 100 years, what else do you do?

We asked Lance Irvine what he’d recommend.  Lance’s daughter just graduated this past spring with a degree in Accounting and is gearing up for the CPA exam.  Even in this economy, she was able to get a job shortly after graduation.  So it looks like Lance did a pretty good job launching this daughter.

“Don’t go anywhere alone at night, even when you’re in a rural area!” cautions Lance, noting that there really isn’t anywhere that one could call “totally safe.”

“Always go with a group of friends,” he continues.  “We actually had a tracker on her cell phone. . . . we could tell where she was within 10 feet.”  Contrary to being mortified, their daughter was relieved.  “This way, she knew that if God forbid anything happened we could find her, or at least her phone, quickly. . . . they are still just so naive at that age.”

So send your daughter off to school, with a group of friends, a phone that can find her, and the best advice of all . .  .there’s safety in numbers.

Lance Irvine, 40, is the proud dad of a brood of kids – from seven-year-old Hunter to 23-year-old Harrison, with a few boys and girls in between!  He and his wife Becky have run Atlantic Boat & Jet Ski Rentals in Pompano Beach (east of the Intracoastal, north side of Atlantic Boulevard) for the past eight years.

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Los Trés Papas: The Stubborn Seven-Year-Old


This month, one of our readers asks:  “We are having a lot of behavior issues with our child, both at home and at school. He is very stubborn and his listening skills are very weak; he prefers to “stubborn” his way through everything. We have been working with the school, but it has been very exasperating trying to reach him and get him to focus and do what he needs to do. We are adamantly against medication. What can we do as parents to help him improve his behavior so he can succeed at home and in school?”

Ed Phillips thought for just a moment, and said, “OK, I don’t mean to sound flip. . . “  He paused again, chuckled, and said, “No candy at night! Seriously, try limiting his sugar. I really think it makes a difference.”

So aside from no sugar, what else can parents do with a stubborn child?  “Well,” said Ed, “Time out is a very effective tool. . . but it has to be used correctly.  Don’t just stick him in a corner and forget about him. That’s counterproductive.”

How long is an appropriate time out for a seven year old?  “15 minutes, tops,” Ed thinks.  “You go beyond 15 minutes, and then they just start getting fidgety again, and you lose the value of the time out.”

Readers, let us know what you think!  For the parents who asked, did you try this, and did it work?  For other parents, what has your experience been with limiting sugar and/or time outs?  Drop us a line at .