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Continuation of Nine Tips To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

by Eric Claussen (NASM-CPT)

Before and After

Before and After

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Relationships:  Healthy personal relationships are vital to good health, whether it’s your partner, family members or close friends. Connecting with other people and forming bonds of communication and intimacy nourish our emotional and spiritual health as much as a healthy diet nourishes our bodies. Everyone needs someone to turn to sometimes and just knowing that you have a network of supportive loved ones around you can help keep you emotionally strong. Friendships are a source of joy, a place to vent out frustrations, and just plan have a good time.


Positive Thinking:  Smile!! Happiness comes from the inside out, so put a smile on your face and be positive. Try to be optimistic at all times, always looking on the bright side. Studies have found that those with a positive attitude suffer less from conditions such as heart disease. Self acceptance is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. This means thinking positively about yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. Maintaining a positive self image helps boost your confidence, prevent depression and reduce stress.


Stress:  Reducing your stress levels is key to a healthier lifestyle. Stress lowers your immune system making you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. You can cut down stress by recognizing the cause of your stress, changing your habits and not making excuses for maintaining high stress levels. Practices such as yoga, tai chi and qigong are great ways to help you control stress. Meditate, take a warm bath, do some stretching or anything that makes you happy and calm.


Water: You should drink eight glasses of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. This will have a great effect on your energy levels and is very easy to implement into your daily routine. Water helps your digestive system, it fights germs and it keeps you hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. It is involved in every function in the body, including circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and the transmission of electrical currents in the body which control our nerves, muscles and hormones. Water places high importance in proper elimination and detoxification. Water facilitates the elimination of waste products through urination, sweating, defecation, tears and mucus which line our respiratory and digestive tracts.

Sun: Sunlight is every bit as central to our health and well-being as proper nutrition, clean water, and exercise. Get outside in the sunshine for a natural boost. Sunlight affects moods positively and is a natural antidepressant. The sun’s rays on the skin help your body produce vitamin D, which has been shown to fight heart disease, depression, osteoporosis and even some types of cancer.



About Eric: He is Personal Trainer and Beachbody Coach, Fitness Model and Nutrition Consultant, with certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He offers offer Facebook Fitness Challenge Groups year round to help people eat healthy and get into great shape.

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Chip LaMarca, Broward County Commissioner

LaMarca Photo

By Andrea Freygang; photo by Debra Todd

As a long-time Floridian who grew up in Broward County, Chip LaMarca is passionate about helping guide the direction of where he lives. Formerly a  city commissioner in Lighthouse Point, LaMarca now oversees a large swath of coastal Broward County, including a large section of Pompano Beach, as a Broward County commissioner.

LaMarca has been in Broward since his childhood, when he moved to Fort Lauderdale with his single mother from Winchester, Massachusetts. After attending Broward College and Boston University, LaMarca settled in Lighthouse Point.  Chip is active as a past president and current board member of the Exchange Club of Pompano Beach as well as Hugs for Kids and the Broward Children’s Center, also in Pompano Beach.

Chip married the former Eileen Dorrego in 1995, and the couple has been living in Lighthouse Point since their marriage. Five years ago, in 2006, Chip opened LaMarca Construction after 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and is now focused on his role as a commissioner helping to lead Broward County into a better economic position. As a city commissioner, he was always focused on a fiscally conservative, responsible government.  Using Chip’s knowledge and expertise in construction, the Lighthouse Point commission was able to complete numerous critical infrastructure improvements preceding its 50 Year Anniversary, all while holding the line on taxes and controlling government spending. These days, LaMarca is putting that same focus on budgets and public safety at the county level. Pompano Today recently sat down with LaMarca to ask what is it exactly that he does on the commission and what his focus is on the commission.

PT: What is your role with Broward County as a commissioner?

CL:  I am one of nine elected commissioners. Each district is about 200,000 people per district and mine runs from Deerfield to Dania Beach, and is most of the coastal district. That being said, some of the issues specific to my district are beach renourishment and issues that have to do with our coastline and safety and security of our beaches as well as the business side of things. One thing I laid out as a priority for me is public safety and law enforcement. I am on the fire rescue and EMS council. One deals with fire rescue – response/dispatch is a huge issue. The county is trying to consolidate while the EMS council deal more with EMS facilities and trauma centers and making sure EMS has the resources it needs to keep people safe when they are called out there.

PT: What things are you working on that specifically might impact Pompano?

CL: We are really trying to implement a jobs plan in the county that will provide some incentives and ways to highlight Broward County to help bring new business to Pompano. We are working with the chambers to help make that transition and are still working out the details but expect some sort of moratorium on taxes for new businesses.

PT: What other things can we expect of the Broward commission this year?

CL: I am really focused on keeping an eye on spending……such as the courthouse issue I was very involved with. Why do we need $610,000 separated for an integrated art portion? I try to be a fiscal watchdog, but the budget conversation is a lot more reasonable this year than last. The county commission has really started an effort to bring spending in check, and we’re in a lot better condition than some of the cities. We are without a doubt going to be seeing a county and city level continued focus on consolidation or try to come up with other ways to address future unfunded pension liability. We will be looking at anything that can be regionalized that doesn’t take away from the level of service but spreads the costs across multiple agencies.

PT: How can residents contact your office?

CL: We just opened a district office in Lighthouse Point City Hall so residents can have access without having to come to Fort Lauderdale. We have hours from 10 am to 1 pm on Wednesdays. I try to be as accessible as possible to residents and always try to meet with the end user or company—we don’t meet with the lobbyists in my office. I can also be reached at 954-357-7004 or .

PT: Anything else you would like to add?

CL: Yes. There have been efforts in the county to limit access to setting up voter registration outside of normal election time at libraries. I may be the only Republican on a commission of nine, but I led on the issue with ACLU on electioneering. I don’t think the county should stifle anyone’s ability or availability to electioneer. I don’t support…(regulating) free speech or registering people to vote. It’s dangerous and one of the areas that I don’t think people are going to be able to categorize me. But issues that come to the Broward commission are more ideological than partisan—there is very little that is partisan. I am here to represent everyone in the district and I am totally enjoying it. I look forward to going to work every day.