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BaCA celebrates first year



By David Volz

BaCA celebrated is first year in operation with a street party. BaCA offers artists an opportunity to develop their talents and to market their work. It is part of a larger effort by the City of Pompano Beach to create an artistic community and center.

BaCA, which is located in a historic former hotel, features artist studios on the second floor and an art gallery on the first floor.

“We want to nurture artists and help them develop their careers,” said Kay Renz, spokesperson. “We want this to become an artistic center.”

The event included a performance by the Spam All Stars, an accomplished band, food trucks, and opportunities for the public to meet the artists. It was also an opportunity to relax and have fun.

BaCA is place where people can feel comfortable producing and developing art. On Wednesday nights, it offers Lyrics Lab where people can sing, give vocal presentations and perform rap music.

Todd Traxler, the first artist to locate at BaCA, said he enjoys working there and loved the birthday celebration.




Florida Highwaymen art show


By David Volz

Al Black can remember the struggles that African American artists faced years ago when they tried to sell their paintings. He is one of the original Florida Highwaymen and began as a salesman for other artists in the group. They would travel the highways of Florida and sell their paintings door to door or from their cars.

“I remember what it was like back then,” he said. “Now we are getting a lot more money for our paintings.”

Black enjoys painting Florida landscapes. “I have some paintings of Royal Poinciana trees here,” said Black.

He was among 11 Florida Highwaymen who displayed their paintings at the Sample-McDougald House art show on March 20 and 21. Many people came to view their work and to purchase paintings. Most of the work involves Florida landscapes.


Roy McLendon participated in the event. “I just like to paint,” he said.

James Gibson, one of the original Florida Highwaymen, has many of his works on display at the Florida Governor’s Mansion and Florida government buildings. “I love to paint Florida landscapes,” he said.