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  1. Dee Hicks says:

    Such a GREAT Magazine and website!

  2. I’ve been following “Three Loud Women” watching their you-tube videos for a least a year now. Imagine my surprise to see them on the cover of the issue with my published article! I think it’s amazing that they are partnering with IKEA. My daughters love IKEA, and so do I. I thank you for placing my article in your magazine on page 30. I’m working on some new material that will give insight into investors can choose the right kind of art to add to their portfolio and how artists can become listed if they are not already. It was fabulous to see you at “the unveiling” art show at the gallery, where we revealed my neon gallery on line: I appreciate the copies of the magazine that you brought over to me. You are much appreciated, Dawne Richards.

  3. DawneR says:

    And you as well, Karen! Thanks for the kind words, and I’m sure that 3 Loud Women ( appreciate them – and you – too! – Dawne.

  4. Felton Phillips says:

    Great magazine. Great pictures and content. Thanks Dawne Richards for allowing me to share my poetry.

    • DawneR says:

      Thank you, and great poetry as usual, Felton! Thanks for sharing your talent with our readers. — Dawne.

  5. The article of “Wanda Lee” artist at Karen Ledbetter GALLERIES, captures the pure heart of Wanda and the joy she shares in doing her art! A must read….

    • DawneR says:

      Thank you! And thank you for bringing Wanda Lee’s art – and joy! – to our readers! – Dawne Richards, Publisher.

  6. Robert and Doris Sipos says:

    Great story, Jeff!

  7. Robert and Doris Sipos says:

    Great story, Jeff! It captures YOU!!!

  8. DawneR says:

    Thank you for commenting! We very much enjoyed our interview with Jeff. Dawne Richards, Publisher.

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