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U.S. Coast Guard performs rescue demonstration off Pompano Beach


By David Volz

The U.S. Coast Guard performed a rescue swimmer demonstration on the morning of July 22 near the Pompano Beach Pier. The demonstration was performed for the young people in the Pompano Beach Junior Lifeguard program. Jamie Vanacore, a volunteer for the Lifeguard program and mother of one of the swimmers played the role a victim in the water who needed to be rescued. She was hoisted into the aircraft. The Ocean Rescue Division of the Pompano Beach Fire Rescue offers a Junior Lifeguard program each year during the months of June and July for boys and girls age 9-17. The mission of the program is to provide education and increase self-confidence, physical conditioning and ocean awareness through instruction in water safety, first aid, beach ecology and surf rescue techniques.

Blues and Sweet Potato Pie Juneteenth Celebration


By David Volz

The Blues and Sweet Potato Pie Juneteenth Celebration was held at Apollo Park in Pompano Beach. Residents of the community and visitors from around the nation got together to celebrate, have fun and enjoy some great food.

Juneteenth is the oldest national celebration that commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States following the end of the Civil War. The event in Pompano Beach was a celebration of the many accomplishments of the African American community.

“This is the 15th year we have held the Juneteenth Celebration here,” said Rhonda Walker, branch library manager for the Northwest Branch Library. She and members of Friends of the Library wore dresses from the 1860s.

Maxine York, a blues singer, participated in the event. “I love to sing the blues and I enjoy being a part of this celebration,” she said.

Kamili Nilata, an arts educator, gave a performance of foot rhythms. “I teach all forms of core subjects and I also teach movement,” she said.


Members of the 2nd Infantry Regiment United States Colored Troops , Living History Association, offered a presentation. They came from Tallahassee to give a presentation on the Regiment which was an African American military organization that fought for the Union during the Civil War. “We are preserving living history and educating young people about what African Americans did during the Civil War,” said Jarvis Rosier, Sr., project director of the Colored Troops Education Project.

And it was a chance to have some fun. There were performances by Glory Train, New Direction Ministries, Kings School of the Arts, All God’s Children Academy and other groups. People could enjoy barbecue and sweet potato pies. Janetta Williams and her husband Bobby Williams displayed handmade quilts. There was a mobile presentation of African American history. It was also an opportunity for people to socialize and spend time together.