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Pompano Beach Middle School students compete in STEM Olympiad


By David Volz

Students from Pompano Beach Middle School participated in the Broward SECME-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Olympiad.

“Our students did well. We made a banner, a mousetrap car and a bottle rocket,” said Susan Hurley, a teacher at Pompano Beach Middle.

The competitions included student teams building and racing specially designed mousetrap cars testing their skills at building water rockets out of two-liter bottles, competing in robotics hand and VEX robotic games competitions. There were essay and art competitions. The goal is to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Blanche Ely High School boys’ and girls’ track teams do well at district competition


By David Volz

The Blanche Ely High School boys’ and girls’ track teams performed well at the district 12-4A track meet at Coral Springs. Most of the team members qualified for the regional track meet which will take place next week. And many of the team members are expected to qualify for the state track meet.

Coach Anthony Jordan said he was proud of the team and their performance.