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Pompano Beach Community Resource event


By David Volz

The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) held an event at the E. Pat Larkins Center to educate people in the various community resources available to them. Representatives from various health care agencies, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, financial agencies, emergency service providers and other organizations were available to answer questions and encourage people to ask for help when it is most needed.

“We wanted to bring community resource organizations together so people in the community could learn about what is available to them,” said Dahlia Baker, CRA program director. A group of volunteers helped run the event.

Pompano Beach Commissioner Ed Phillips was pleased to see people coming together to learn about the various community agencies available to them.




Health and Wellness Fair in Pompano Beach


By David Volz

Pompano Beach offered its 2015 Health and Financial Wellness Fair. People who came could visit with various health providers and gain valuable information on personal finance. One could have tests for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose.

“We are holding the event because we want to offer our employees and the community information about health and finance,” said Ed Beecher, risk manager for Pompano Beach. “We had more than 70 vendors here. We want to encourage proper nutrition and exercise. We want to promote health and financial wellness.”

Herve Corbel, a nurse practitioner, was testing people’s glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol. If the tests revealed a problem, the individual would be encouraged to seek care for the issue. “We want people to live healthy lives,” said Corbel.

Nancy Charre, a fitness instructor, encourages people to exercise and follow a proper nutrition plan.

Members of the Community Emergency Response Team were present and encouraging people to take a class to join the program. The team members help out in emergencies and provide support to the fire department.

An organization offering help in quitting smoking. Kayle Bryant, a Pompano Beach fire inspector, was available to educate people on fire safety.

There were presentations on how to prepare for retirement, nutritious cooking and saving money on water bills. There was a presentation on jazzercise.