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Limelight at BaCA offers artistic fun


By David Volz

BaCA hosted Limelight and people got together for a fun social event.

Entertainment was provided by the Otis Cadillac Band. They performed Classic R&B, Rock and Roll and Blues music. People could dance to the music or just enjoy listening to it. There were food trucks offering high quality meals and various artistic vendors. People could see the work of artists in the BaCA building and on display in the Community Redevelopment Agency Business Resource Center.

Tariza Ferreyros was selling terrariums and enjoyed the event. “The music was great and there was good food. I love this event,” she said.

Rachel Katz, who works with the vendors was pleased to see people from the community getting together to have fun.

Carlos Fuenmayor who produces caricatures said he enjoyed being a part of the event. Robert Kornhonen, who paints portraits said, “This is pretty cool.”

Pompano Beach Commissioner Barry Moss said, “This is good for people who like the arts. It will get bigger,” said Moss.

Patricia Persaud, an artist displayed her work at the Business Resource Center. She produces oil and acrylic paintings. “I am glad to display my work here,” she said.

The event was fun and relaxed. People could spend time with friends and make new acquaintances.







Pompano Beach breaks ground for new Pier Garage


By David Volz

Pompano Beach leaders got together to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Pier Garage.

Mayor Lamar Fisher spoke and praised city leaders and staff members who have worked so hard to develop the garage project. He told the audience, “Pompano Beach is happening. This is so exciting. This is a pivotal point in the development of the city.”

Fisher believes the garage is very important to the development of the beach area of Pompano Beach because if people don’t have a place to park when they go to the east section of the city, it will be hard for them to enjoy the restaurants and stores there. “This is for our residents. Now they will have a place to park when they come to the beach,” said Fisher.


Commissioner Barry Dockswell is also pleased with the development of the garage. He compared it to the vegetable portion of a meal. A may not be the most exciting building but it is necessary to have parking spaces for people to come and enjoy the beach area.

“If people can’t park their cars at the beach, they won’t come to the beach and enjoy the retail stores and restaurants,” said Dockswell.

The Pier Parking Garage will include 663 spaces and have space for restaurants retail stores. So far two restaurants, Brimstone Wood Fire Grill and Oceanic have agreed to be part of the project. And more are expected in the future.

Representatives from the restaurants and the developers of the project were present. People could sample some of the food that will be offered by the restaurants. Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca spoke and praised the City of Pompano Beach for its beach development work.

The Pier Parking Garage is the first public parking garage in Pompano Beach and features iconic architecture, 5 levels of enclosed parking with 663 spaces and 6,200 square feet of retail space and a new Tourism & Welcome Center. The garage is the first development to break ground as part of the overall Pier Development Project, lead by the development team at Pompano Pier Associates, that will include 40,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and two new  pedestrian friendly streets connecting the Pier to the Intracoastal. The anticipated completion date for both projects is late 2016.