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Brian Hall displays his abstract art work at ArtHAll


By David Volz

Brian Hall displayed his abstract art work at Pompano Beach ArtHall on September 17. His work includes acrylic on canvas and some digital work. He inspired to create paintings of eyes.

“Eyes the windows to the soul. I have been a painter for more than 40 years. I love to paint eyes,” said Hall.

He would like to develop a mobile art studio. Hall was pleased to display his work at ArtHall.


James Blanford displays iconographic art at ArtHall


By David Volz

James Blanford, an artist, displayed examples of his iconographic artwork at Pompano Beach ArtHall on September 17. He uses ink and torn paper to create his work. He creates art using superheroes to illustrate Bible oriented scenes.

“I use the words of the Bible in my artwork. And love to use superheroes,” said Blanford. His goal is to open and art gallery and fitness center. “I love art and fitness and I want to combine both into one center. So I would have the art gallery and the fitness center together,” said Blanford. He was pleased to display his work in Pompano Beach ArtHall.