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Leadership North Broward program looking for applicants


Pompano Beach - If you are striving to be an emerging leader in your community, one way to gain support is through “Leadership North Broward,” an interactive learning experience design to develop leadership skills and provide an introduction to the communities of North Broward.  Leadership North Broward encompasses Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and the surrounding market areas.

Led by Chadia Ghanem of Auto Tech & Body, and now, Chuck Bell, of Bell & Bell Law Firm, this program meets one day a month for a tour and introduction of various areas within the community. The theme of the tour changes monthly from public service, public health, regional government, tourism, history day, business, non-profit and port sectors. The program will give the individual insight and access to the inner circle of local business, government, civic and community leaders.

“The Leadership North Broward vision is to inspire, inform and advance accomplished business men and women leaders who will influence our region’s future,” said Ghanem. “The program offers participants a close-up view of political, business and social issues and trends, information that is invaluable to them as executives or entrepreneur and active participant in the community.”

Leadership North Broward will also help develop and enhance participant’s leadership skills, business acumen and increase their personal marketability. This program is a great opportunity to belong to a unique group of business leaders, charting their course through today’s challenges and setting their compass for success in 2014.

Leadership North Broward is actively seeking tomorrow’s leaders. Class enrollment is limited to ensure each participant access and visibility. This year’s program will be comprised of 6 full day programs beginning in February and ending in September.  Keep the wind in your sails, complete the application and return it to the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce today! Class selection will be determined by creating a diverse group of individuals from the applications submitted, who have fully committed to the time requirements of this program.  For an application, email the Chamber at or contact Chadia Ghanem at Auto Tech and Body,, 954-946-9730. Leadership classes begin in February and will follow on the 3rd Thursday of every month. There is still time to apply.

About Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce: Celebrating its 67th anniversary, The GREATER POMPANO BEACH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INC. is dedicated to broadening and strengthening the local economy by orderly growth and development; improving the quality of life in the area; developing a positive attitude toward business and the free enterprise system; promoting cooperation among governments, organizations and special interest groups in North Broward County to solve mutual problems and accomplish mutual goals. Visit for latest news and events from the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. Media Contact: Andrea Freygang, 954-822-7501.

Office and Other Furniture – a hidden gem off the beaten path


Recently, we were in need of a file cabinet, and were horrified by the prices of new ones.  We’d tell you that we are also concerned about filling up landfills, but to be perfectly honest, that’s about 10% of our concern.  The other 90% is focused on not emptying our bank account.

As is often the case, we turned to our favorite “hunter/gatherer” website, Craigslist. Once there, we managed to focus (Focus! Focus! Focus!) on the matter at hand, and came upon a post with an interesting link.

Intrigued, we convinced the spouse that yes, Saturday is Field Trip Day.  Plus, it was right here in Pompano Beach! No need to trek to the wilds of Cutler Bay or, God forbid, Key Biscayne (a lovely trip, and we met a great family and got awesome furniture; for more about THAT adventure, see our October 2012 issue).

We called ahead to ensure that this new “Garden of Eden” was indeed open on a Saturday afternoon and headed out.  We entered one of those “light industrial” areas and stepped out of the car (DISCLAIMER: “Light Industrial” is NOT a “proper zoning” term.  It’s just what we think of these areas as – you know the ones – in the general area along Powerline Road, north of Atlantic Boulevard, that seem to have sprung up in the past few years).

For those of you for whom a trip to Office Depot is like a five year old’s Disney visit, we were immediately enthralled.  File cabinets! Desks! Bookshelves! An amazing assortment of furniture that made visions of office space dance in our heads.  Rows upon rows upon rows.  We could spend DAYS.

Back to the “focus” thing. We permitted ourselves ten minutes of wandering and then got back to the task at hand.  As to the file cabinet section, pretty much every size, shape and material was available. From festive furniture-looking cabinets to standard industrial gray, we had a wide range from which to choose, all of which were very reasonably priced and in great shape. As you’ll see in the photo, we got a file cabinet that’s in great shape and actually contributes to the decor!

We are now one file cabinet richer, and far fewer dollars poorer than had we picked up something new.  Plus, we’re supporting a local business, and (OK, OK, OK) saving the planet from yet another landfill item.  A triple score!

We highly recommend a visit to the Office Furniture Super Center. Enjoy!