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Pompano Today provides your total print and digital media solution, including social media (Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter)!

Pompano Today’s Facebook page reaches readers all over the world (View a full screen map here). . .


Pompano Today’s online solutions cover all the bases, reaching thousands of additional readers (click image to enlarge):

Monthly Unique Reach Q2 2013 from tiff
Learn more about our highly engaged readers in our full media kit, available for download here.

Our 2014 themes are as follows – today for more information!

  • January 2014:  Organize Me!
  • February 2014: Things We Love
  • March 2014:  Luck
  • April 2014:  Down to Earth
  • May 2014:  Pompano on Sale
  • June 2014:  Water Adventures
  • July 2014:  Keeping Cool
  • August 2014:  Back to School
  • September 2014:  The Art Issue
  • October 2014:  The Music Issue
  • November 2014:  Last Minute Holiday Prep
  • December 2014:  Holidays: The Gift Issue

Pompano Today 2014 Rate Card

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2 Responses to Advertise with Pompano Today!

  1. Ewa Perez says:

    We would like to advertise In Pompano Today(1/4 pagex12).Please let me know what is the next step.Thank you ,Ewa

    • DawneR says:

      Hi Ewa, thanks very much! I will send you an insertion order and invoice and then we need camera ready artwork please. Thanks much again,

      Dawne Richards

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