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A few weeks ago, we received an email from three young entrepreneurs in San Diego who

The 2014 Juneteenth Celebration in Pompano Beach

By David Volz Rhonda Walker enjoyed the 2014 Juneteenth Celebration: Blues and Sweet Potato Pie Festival

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Pompano Beach Business Expo 2014


By David Volz

Roger Gingerich enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Greater Pompano Beach Expo 2014. The event was held at the Pompano Beach Elks Lodge #1898 and attracted businesses from the surrounding community.

“There was a good turnout tonight. People are having a good time,” said Gingerich, a franchise owner and area developer at Liberty Tax Service.

Susan Kores, program director for the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Business Resource Center said the event went very well. “This is good for the community. We had about 90 businesses participating and a lot of people came to this event and they had a good time,” she said.

Kelly and Olivier Renard were promoting their Frosty Point ice cream business. “This is a fabulous way to let people know we have the best ice cream,” said Kelly Renard.

BSO Deputy Mike Johnson was promoting some of the community activities that the BSO is involved in. He with Edith Lamb, who has provided 2,000 volunteer hours for the Citizen Observer Patrol.

Overall the event was very pleasant. People who came could learn about a wide variety of businesses in the Pompano Beach area. A number of restaurants offered food samples. It was a great opportunity for business leaders to get to know each other better.





Young people show their artwork at ArtHall


By David Volz

Katharine Tuttle loves to create artwork and is very talented in water color, pastel, oil and charcoal.

She is very creative in nature and has produced high quality artwork showing leaves and water droplets. She has also created artwork showing objects such as forks. A student at Pompano Beach High School, she was among about 25 artists who participated in a presentation known as ArtStart in ArtHall at the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Business Resource Center.


Nicole Spade also enjoyed the chance to show her work at ArtStart. “I do art work for fun. I love to produce drawings in pencil,” she said.

Alaine Spade was pleased with a painting she produced of a cat. She found a picture of the cat in the Internet and painted in soft pastel. “I enjoy drawing and creating artwork in soft pastel,” she said.

Her mother, Simone Spade, an art teacher is proud of the artistic achievements of her daughters. She enjoys attending ArtHall and was pleased that the work of her daughters was displayed during the event.

“I love this event. It brings the community together and showcases the artwork of people in the community,” said Simone Spade.

Alicia Theis, a student at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale displayed artwork she had produced in pencil and water color. “I like being a part of ArtHall. I enjoy produce artwork and I want to become an illustrator,” she said.

Susan Kores, program director for the Business Resource Center was pleased with the event. Her children, Ryan and Rose Kores displayed artwork they had produced. “This was nice event. We displayed the work of young people who live or go school in the Pompano Beach area,” she said.

In addition to visual arts, there were performing arts. A band made up of Pompano Beach young people known as the Juggernaut performed. Zoe Fromer, who sings jazz music performed.

Also, people could view the art the BaCA building. There were food trucks and people could socialize in a pleasant atmosphere.


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