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Broward Schools celebrates its 100th anniversary


By David Volz

On September 1, 2015, The School Board of Broward County, Florida recognized its 100th anniversary in a special Centennial Celebration kickoff ceremony. The ceremony honored the District’s commitment to educational excellence and showcased the important role of BCPS in the lives of past, present and future students. In 1915, Broward County Public Schools was established.

The Centennial Celebration kickoff took place before the School Board meeting. The festivities included a breakfast reception, special presentations and congratulatory remarks from elected officials, students, District staff, alumni, business partners and community members. In addition, School Board Chair Donna P. Korn and Superintendent Robert W. Runcie read a letter extending congratulations from President Barack Obama.  Also, during the regular School Board meeting, School Board members made a special joint presentation of a Centennial Resolution proclaiming September 1, 2015, as the official launch date for the Centennial Celebration throughout the 2015/16 school year.

“The history and progress of our county is intrinsically linked to the success of our schools and students,” said Superintendent Runcie. “From our District’s first classrooms in 1915 to the 238 schools, centers and technical colleges that now make up Broward County Public Schools, we have so much for which to be proud.”

Broward County Public Schools serves over 265,000 students and 175,000 adult learners, with over 14,500 instructional staff, 9,800 support staff, 1,370 administrators and approximately 7,000 substitute and temporary workers.

Vinicius Machado: Impossible is Nothing

By Misty Schwartz; photos © Kweisi Gharreau
In our September 2015 issue, we interviewed Vinicius Machado. The interview continues below; read on for more!

What do you enjoy most about your career?
I enjoy everything. From the art side of the business to the business side of the business. I’m a business oriented person, I love the game of money. I’ve gone from being homeless to earning six figures. I’ve sold things on Ebay to survive out of the dollar store and sufficiently and consistently provided for my family by reselling trash items other threw away on the curbs. So for me, the idea of myself as a product in this industry is nothing new or foreign. Some actors don’t know how to even approach their image from this perspective. They get lost on wanting to be that perfect actor that is Oscar-worthy. Although I don’t dismiss the reality that an actor has to continue to prove himself worthy and continue to justify his position in the industry, there’s the marketplace that gets easily overlooked by most, and that’s where I’ve been able to capitalize on, the benefit of my past and upbringing as a tool today. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an actor. My work speaks for itself. I’ve been named the fastest rising Latino talent on TV today by American Latino TV because I work hard to transform myself to be different and unique in every role so that my art progresses as I do and vice versa. Directors have labeled me as “Diverse, with money making looks”. I think being boxed into the character actor stereotype has benefitted me more than limited me as many people might view it. With it I have been able to diversify that stereotype and redefine it really. Diving myself into the world of the character has always been a pleasant experience. Let me say it plain, I love acting, I am an actor at heart. I just have one advantage over most, I know the business too. I’m so much better today. My art is stronger and more effective as is my value on the marketplace. My ability to communicate clearly has increased. My emotions are more rounded and available. I’m only going to grow. I have much room to grow and I’m not afraid to say that. My cognitive process is sharper. I’m able to identify and reach a place requested on the spot, not perfect, but I’m a work in progress, that’s what I enjoy, only acting has sufficed to give me this privilege in life. I think it’s important to have self respect and encouragement because life can be so difficult and discouraging at times, so when you can combine passion with knowledge and have a track such as life, you have purpose.
Can we expect a book from you?
Yes. The title has changed over time. Today I’m calling it IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. We are working on getting it published and all. So stay tuned for it. The book will merge my experience in life with industry to tips on how to consistently work in this business as I have done. It’s also a love letter to aspiring actors who dream of being where I’m at today, and encouragement to those who have lost hope by the monopoly of the game.
What is the best way for your fans to know what you’re working on? Facebook/Twitter? Do you post for your own sites or do you have your assistants do the posts?
Vmachado82 on all social media. I have had help before in getting my posts going and all. But today I do it all myself. One because it’s such a personal connection and intimacy with my fans that I don’t want that to be generalized anymore. And two, because it encourages me personally to know how much support I actually have. So for as much as the fans are loved and appreciated and uplifted, engaged, so am I by their unconditional involvement and love. I love my fans to death and never want anything to come between that. So I do all my posts today. Even if that means I don’t post for a few days or so because I’m resting and trying to recuperate [laughs  out loud]. Seriously though. You guys are everything to me and I’m nothing without you!!! Thank you.
Tell us something new, something bold that you’ve never told any other magazine…news tip :)
There are a few things I cannot share unfortunately, but the game has changed for me! I’ll share this. So many people misinterpret where I am and what I have done to get here as egotistical and even sometimes downright immoral. I have not slept with anyone to get here. I have not sold my soul and my convictions are intact. I know who I am and I know what life is about. My profession like all other industries require certain standards that I have no problem adapting to. I have lived to long trying to please everyone. I cannot live like that any longer. I can’t please everyone. It’s foolish of me to believe that I can. After all, those that said they would be here for me no matter what have stabbed me in the back countless times, and some after stabbing me had the audacity to ask why I was bleeding. I’m not angry or bitter. On the contrary, I have learned. I’m better and I pray for them. I forgive them all. I forgive myself. I have been cheated off a house. YEP.  Years of paying a mortgage that was a scam, that in the end I had to leave it all behind and move on. This from a so called brother! There was nothing legal I could do, other than to forgive him and move on. I was stupid, I admit. In my family’s name we have been robbed of half a million dollars! YEP. You would think we would have a legal case, but the person has Diplomatic Immunity. Laugh out loud. Again we had to forgive. I have so many stories that would blow your mind. I only share this to say this……….If you have a dream, you have ambitions, goals, aspirations, you CAN. Don’t let life or the things that happen to you be an excuse for you to lose focus, to lose hope, to forget why it is that you wake up every day. It’s tough, no, it’s cruel sometimes, but the world can still be as big as you dream it to be, or as little as our problems. Follow my example, I’m not perfect by any means. I have dealt with it all, believe me. But I didn’t allow that to keep me from dreaming. Stay Ready. If you have to get ready for an opportunity, role, then you are not ready. It’s better to be ready and not have the opportunity, than to have an opportunity and not be ready. Be prepared. Life happens, you must be willing to adapt to the bumps that will come to steer you out of your path. You must learn to control your situations and not allow them to control you. Have fearlessness. The greatest asset to your advantage is your mind. Your determination will fail you, your drive will fail you, your talents will fail you, but your WILL is immortal. If I can do it through sleeping in my car and digging through trash to eat and still keep going and get here, then so can you. Your future is an achievement. Follow me on all social media as vmachado82 – Believe. Impossible is Nothing.