Hillsboro Inlet Bridge Rehabilitation Project is almost finished

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The Hillsboro Inlet Bridge Rehabilitation Project is nearly complete. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) scheduled the bridge for routine repair and rehabilitation work that began in 2015.  The City of Pompano Beach and Town of Hillsboro pitched in to give the bridge more of an aesthetically pleasing look.

The City erected a bronze sculpture to memorialize the pioneer history that took place in our region. Barefoot mailmen, whose140 mile journey included both rowing boats and walking along the beach to deliver the mail between Palm Beach and Miami, were carriers on the first U.S. mail route before the turn of the twentieth century. At the time, there were no roads connecting the two cities and the landscape was a vast and dangerous wilderness. Through a public call to artists in 2014, the City’s Public Art Committee gave the highest ranking to Chiodo Art Development of Napa California and the City of Pompano Beach commissioned sculptor Mario Chiodo to create the Barefoot Mailman work of art.


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