Food trucks are becoming more popular at community events



By David Volz

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular at local community events.

At nearly every festival, community event, or major athletic competition, there are food trucks. These portable restaurants offer a wide variety of foods served up in a fun and pleasant way. Customers can buy pizza, hamburgers, full scale meals and desert items at a low cost. Then they can find a table or spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic style meal. At a recent Family Fun Day in South Florida, thousands of people enjoyed eating meals purchased from food trucks. Rob Tracey, who purchased some pizza from a food truck said, “I love the pizza I bought from a food truck.


In many situations, food trucks allow people who want to go into the restaurant or food service industry the opportunity to test the waters. They can get a sense of what customers like to eat and are willing to pay. And they can decide if they want to pursue a career in restaurant ownership.


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