Beach Tennis on Pompano Beach

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By David Volz

A group of men and women gathered on Pompano Beach to play some Beach Tennis. This is a demanding and popular sport that is growing and gaining more participants. It is similar to tennis but it is played in a beach environment.

There is tournament about once month on the eight beach tennis courts on Pompano Beach. Recently a group of experienced beach tennis players gathered for a tournament. “We have a lot of fun. We have singles, doubles and mixed doubles. We find that people with a background in volleyball and tennis do well here,” said Adrienne Cerra Simeon, president of Beach Tennis.

Laryssa Booth loves to play in beach tennis tournaments. “It is a lot of fun and we did well today,” she said.

Rachel McGinnis participated in the tournament and said she loves to play beach tennis.

The tournament featured some very talented players who competed hard to win.

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