Pompano Beach ArtHall event is entertaining and fun

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By David Volz

Susan Clifton loves to produce abstract paintings. She also creates acrylic paintings on fabric.

She is among a growing number of artists who have had their work displayed at ArtHall at the Pompano Beach Business Resource Center.

“I love to paint and create artwork,” said Clifton. “And I am glad to have had the opportunity to have had my work displayed at ArtHall.”

On the evening of May 21. Clifton was among a group of artists who had their work displayed during a special presentation at the Baca Bailey Contemporary Arts Building (BaCA). There were paintings on display from 15 artists who had their work displayed during previous ArtHall events.

“We usually have this event at the CRA Business Resource Center. Because work is being done on the road in front of the Center, we decided to have ArtHall at the BaCA,” said Susan Kores, executive director of the Business Resource Center.

Those who attended the event could enjoy food, wine and live music. They could meet some of the artists who are setting up studios in the BaCA. Bill Muter, a tuba player was setting up a studio to continue working on his music.

Valerie Amor was giving a presentation on public art entitled “A Railroad Runs Through It.” People were learning about creating visual art on this topic.

“This is one of the CRA’s that has a railroad running through it,” said Kores.

John Wetzstein and Pat Anderson were showing their artwork. Anderson creates beautiful acrylic paintings and Wetzstein creates frames for the paintings from driftwood.

The atmosphere at the ArtHall event was pleasant and people enjoyed themselves.

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