The Pompano Beach Green Market: Something for Everyone

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Story and photos by David Volz

Every Saturday morning, people get together to enjoy and shop at the Pompano Beach Green Market.

Run by the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency and the Pompano Beach Historical Society, it offers something for everyone. April Floria, market manager, is pleased with the response and said there are between 50 to 55 vendors every weekend.

There are vendors who sell organic produce, coffee, Mexican food, barbecue, seafood, baked goods and other food offerings. One can purchase garden plants and products made by artisans. There are health related products available. The Green Market will run every Saturday until April 26.

On February 15, a group of girls from the Indian Princess organization were selling Growums, a garden kit that shows people how to grow food. The girls enjoyed the experience.

Michael Rybak was selling vegetables. He likes have a place to sell vegetables.

There was live musical entertainment and a food court where people could sit, eat and socialize. During the Green Market season, there are a variety of special activities including nutritional workshops, antique car shows and celebrations.

The Pompano Beach Green Market is located on the southwest corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Cypress Road just east of City Hall. It is open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


April Floria, market manager for the Pompano Beach Green Market and Victoria Vitale at the Green Market on February 15. The market runs every Saturday until April 26. There are between 50 and 55 vendors every Saturday. Now, there is a food court at the market.

Rosalie Reyna sells Mexican food at the Pompano Beach Green Market

Vegetables on sale at the Pompano Beach Green Market

The Indian Princesses sell Growums


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