Pompano Kitties Need Our Help


Attention animal folks!

One of our neighbors needs our help.  Here’s their story:

Less than a year ago, a stray mom cat had four kittens in our yard and then disappeared. We of course fed them being they cried at the door. Not being cat people, I didn’t realize they get pregnant so fast. All three females were pregnant at the same time, and about 4 – 5 months ago yielded eight kittens among them.

Over the summer, at my expense I had all the cats and kittens spayed/neutered, de-wormed and given rabies shots, thinking that our city supported Trap/Neuter/Release as long as the cats were fixed.

A neighbor complained about them traipsing through his yard and called Animal Control to trap them. I in turn also called Animal Control to find out whether I could put up an enclosure for the cats/kittens.

They said absolutely and so over the last three weeks after building and spending over $400, I have now learned that my neighbor is still complaining and I need to make some sort of plan.  A couple of weeks ago, I set them up in a room of my house in hope of getting them homes, and keeping them safe at the same time. I have now visited five no kill shelters who told me they could not help me.

Now, I have been informed that our city statutes only allow four pets per household, and being I have two dogs, have to now re-home NINE cats/kittens. Both my kids, who have autism, absolutely LOVE each and every one and are beside themselves with the thought of them possibly being put to sleep. I am at wits’ end and cannot in good faith send them to get euthanized.

I’m hoping our community can help find them loving homes. Amanda, Felix, Snowball, Fudge, Jamie, Jizzy, Mittens, Mitzi, Olive, Oreo, and Tommy are  loving, friendly, litter trained cats/kittens that just need safe homes.

Readers: We here at Pompano Today live here too, and we are honored that these wonderful folks reached out to us for help.  Please share this with everyone you can so that we can pull together and find a home for these kitties.  Thanks so much!


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