Fashion Forward: The Anatomy of the Sport Shirt (continued from June 2013)

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In our June 2013 issue, our Fashion Forward columnist, Elaine Simmons, deconstructed the sport shirt.  Below, learn our easy care tips for making your shirts last.

Washing – You can drop off your shirts at a professional laundry or if you want them to last longer you can wash them yourself. Self-laundry can be therapeutic!

Wash your shirts separately from your other clothes. Use warm or cold temperature water. Hot water can set a stain. While you’re waiting for the washer to fill use a stain remover or liquid detergent on the collar and cuffs. Let the water and the detergent mix for a minute before you add your shirts to the machine.

Don’t over-dry your shirts.  Put them in the dryer, wait a few minutes and hang them up.  While they are still damp is a perfect time to iron them!

If you opt for professional cleaning, go easy on the starch, especially for sport shirts.  Starch protects a shirt from dirt, and gives it a stiffer appearance, but over time it deteriorates the fibers.  Try light starch or only ask for starch every three visits.

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Elaine Simmons, right, talks shirts with our model. Shot at Martone’s Menswear in Harbor Village Shops.


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