Point Cafe


by Joseph Yacino

The Point Cafe is locate just north of Atlantic of Atlantic Blvd at 420 N Federal Hwy Pompano Beach.  Both the exterior and the interior are a nod to Mediterranean architecture and decor.  Walk from the parking lot in the back of the restaurant and you will see a sign announcing specials. Continue around the corner to the farthest door as directed by the signs.  When you enter you may be surprised. There is no hostess, but do not fret. You order at the counter…again, do not let this fool you. A warm greeting awaits you. The menu is prominently displayed above on a changeable screen.  Once you order sit down and you will be served.

The concept is that of a coffee shop with a full menu. Owner Isac Efraim has been roasting fine gourmet coffees since 1979 after leaving Brazil. Isac was the man behind the counter to take our order. After delivering our lunch he explained that this restaurant is the culmination of all of the restaurants he has owned in the past. There are breakfast items, burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups as well as seafood.

Portions are large and everything is fresh made which is very obvious in the taste. We ordered Chicken fingers (how adventurous ) and a BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Both portions were large enough for very healthy appetites, for most 2 meals.  We saved room for dessert.

The Point Cafe serves up Nitro Yogurt and Ice Cream. Yes that is right nitro.  You choose your base, flavors, add ins such as marshmallows or gummy bears, and your topping.  Isac suits up into a lab coat, goggles to protect his eyes, HUGE leather gloves, then the light go down strobes flash, techno music plays and the Mad Scientist begins his magic. The ingredients are put in a bowl and slowly the liquid nitrogen is added freezing the mixture as it is blended together. Steam/smoke rises from the bowl and envelops Isac. The end result is a quick frozen concoction that is truly fun and delicious.

The menu starts at $1.99 for breakfast items and tops off at $14.99 for 30 shrimp and fries (not salad shrimp either).  The Point is a great place for parties, kids or kids at heart.

For more information check out their website: http://www.thepointcafe.com/indexf.html.


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