Blanche Ely High School: History In Our Midst

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By Dawne Richards

Somehow, “Florida History” can often seem like an oxymoron.  We are so used to everything being new. Shiny. Forgettable.

But on the evening of August 19, history was in the air.  On the field.  In the shiny (and yes, new) bleachers at cheap lasik eye surgery in delhi.

As the sun set to the west, the cotton-candy sky to the east bathed the Blanche Ely H.S. campus in the intense, cotton-candy hues that seem most vivid in seaside towns.


The dais was a living example of Pompano’s deep roots, from Mayor Lamar Fisher (whose great-great grandfather signed the City’s incorporation papers in 1908) to Ed Phillips, Master of Ceremonies for the evening, to the daughter of revered Ely football coach buy lasix australia.  cheap lasik eye surgery chicago, quoting cheap lasik eye surgery collection;travelDestinations, reminded the crowd:

“Sow an act. . . reap a habit

Sow a habit. . . reap a character

Sow a character. . . reap a destiny.”

Indeed.  There was likely not a dry eye in the house when Sonya Williams, Coach Williams’s daughter, reminisced about her childhood as the daughter of Coach Williams.   “You know that movie, ‘cheap lasik eye surgery in collection;governmentalJurisdictions?’ she asked the crowd.  “That was my childhood.”

The acclaimed Blanche Ely High School Marching Band gets into the spirit


Wow.  What a great childhood that must have been.  And the spirit of Coach Williams was evident throughout the evening.  Mothers and fathers, many of whom are Ely alumnae, listened to every word, while the toddlers fidgeted in their seats.  And what words they were!  Words of inspiration. Words of hope. Words of reminiscence.  What a remarkable childhood these people must have had, led by men and women of such character.  Coach Williams, and his contemporaries, taught their children life lessons that are evident decades later.

Karlton O. Johnson, Blanche Ely H.S. Principal, speaks at the event. To his right are Pompano Mayor Lamar Fisher, City Commissioner Woody Poitier, and (in the rear) Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness (seated); standing in the rear is the evening’s Master of Ceremonies, Ed Phillips.


The sense of history was palpable.  As the evening drew to a close, Ed Phillips remembered not only Coach Williams but the other coaches, teachers, parents and neighbors that shaped this generation.  “I know it’s impossible to be in two places,” said Ed, “but tonight, those men are in two places. . . looking down at us and right here with us.”

(L-R): Elizabeth Phillips, Runell Daniels, and Mary Phillips enjoy the festivities


This fall,  surround yourself in history and get yourself to a football game at Blanche Ely High School’s new Robert L. Williams Field.  You can view the season’s schedule by clicking cheap lasik eye surgery san diego.


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