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This month’s question came from Diana Graves, mother of 4-year-old Hannah.

What’s up & coming about Pompano Beach public schools? Why should we send our kids there? Hannah will be 4 in August. We’re looking for that house now, and worried about schools.

Hmmm…the response from this month’s Los Trés Papas takes a slightly different format.  We spoke to our Papas and, generally speaking, it often seems that – ah – MOM tends to be the one with the strongest opinions about schools.  Hence, our moms took a turn responding to this question.

Generally speaking, of course, determining the best school for your child is an intensely personal decision. In addition, while it’s unlikely that rampant population growth will return to our neck of the woods anytime soon, it must be noted that school boundaries can be changed, leaving parents who bought a house for a particular school district finding themselves outside of its boundaries.

Nevertheless, many folks, of course, move to a neighborhood because of its great schools.  Given the array of homes on the market today, it’s pretty much possible to find a home in just about any school district of your choice.  One easy way to determine the boundaries of your prospective home is to go to the Broward County Public Schools’ School Locator.  You can also view District-wide boundary maps.  If you’d like to search by school grade, you can click here.

In addition, Broward County Public Schools offers a wide variety of Magnet Programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Boy, that’s a lot of information to digest!  One thing we can absolutely recommend:  get thee to the Broward County Public Schools main webpage; you’ll be visiting that page more times than you can count in the coming years.  Good luck!


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