Los Trés Papas: Summertime!


As summer is almost upon us, lots of parents are thinking about the fact that they’ll have a lot more time to spend with their children in the coming months.  For most parents, the pace of life slows, bedtime slips, and mornings tend to be much more relaxed.

So, what’s the best way to use that extra time?  We asked Urbano Santos, one of our Trés Papas, his favorite things to do with his three children.

Urbano’s three children are growing up, making mornings a little less hectic and summers, well, a little more precious.  What Urbano remembers best about when they were younger are two things:

“The best thing we used to do all the time was going to the Catholic Church; it was a lot of fun for our family.”  Now, he laments, time is passing and, as is often the case, feeling as if it is going even faster.  “Now, I collect my memories in days. . . they have the whole world out there, offering them many things that can destroy their present, as well as their future.”

Urbano is also a big fan of the family dinner, noting that it’s not strictly necessary to have this dinner at home.  “Taking our kids out to a restaurant,” he believes, “even just eating a pizza,” creates an environment where you can do what’s so important for your children:  talk with them.  “I’ve had some of my best conversations with my children over a pizza.



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