Tres Papas April 2011 – What Should Dads Do More Of?


We’re all busy.  Work, kids, life. . . there never seems to be enough time in the day.  But no matter how busy parents get, there are some things that are just so important in our children’s lives.

One of those things is, of course, school.  It is simply the foundation that can unlock all of our children’s future.

Recently we caught up with Telicia Johnson, a lovely and busy mom of three.  Her three are growing up fast, from her nine year old daughter to her 11 year old son to her 14 year old son, who’s currently at Deerfield Beach High School.  Telicia’s question for our dads is, “What’s the one thing you’d say today’s dads are not doing enough of?”

Ed Phillips, proud father of a soon-to-be-all-grown up daughter, didn’t need to think about this much.  “They’re not going to PTA meetings,” he replied.  “So, they’re not involved enough in their children’s school?” asked PT.  “No, they’re specifically not going to PTA meetings,” Ed noted.  “They’ll go to a sporting event.  They’ll do other things.  But moms are the ones going to PTA meetings.”

PT:  “Why is that so important?”

Ed:  “PTA meetings encourage children.  Kids get bragging rights when their dads show up at PTA meetings.  Also, you get to know the teachers, which can help you head off problems at the pass.” [And wouldn’t we all like to be able to do that?]

“I can’t help but believe that most kids whose parents know the teachers get a little more attention,” continued Ed.  “It’s just human nature.”

We couldn’t agree more!  So dads, get out there!  If you need help finding out the date of your child’s school’s next PTA meeting, drop us a line at .  We’ll get you all the 411!

By the way, we learned an interesting Pompano school fact while writing this month’s column:  Did you know that Tedder Elementary turned 50 in April 2010?  Congratulations, Tedder!


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