Los Trés Papas: Four Boys, What to do?


This month’s question comes from Jim Stafford, a busy work-at-home dad who does professional photography, social media course, and much, much more.  Jim’s four children are pictured below.

Here’s Jim’s question:

I’m a stay at home/work from home father of four. My children are 7, 5, and twin 1 year olds. My seven year old son also as Autism. I sometimes find it hard to find activities for us to do as a family. It seems someone is always being left out of the activities. Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Our resident Papa, Lance Irvine, is well-acquainted with the challenge of finding fun activities for a large family.  Read on for his advice to the Staffords.

“Get ‘em outside.  Anything to do with the outdoors is something even the one-year-olds can enjoy,” says Lance.  Naturally, as the owner of a boat-and-jetski-rental business, Lance is partial to the water, although we can probably all agree that getting kids outside, and to a beach, or a lake, is ideal.

“You don’t have to spend much money – or even any money,” Lance continues.  “Sure, you can take a boat out, but you can just go to a body of calm water – they’re everywhere.  Get a remote control boat, which you can use in a pool, a lake, or a canal – you can do so much with it.  My sons used to tie things to the boat and watch it go.”  Or take another Pompano favorite – the beach.  “Pick up a net for very little,” says Lance.  “Take it to the beach, scoop up some seaweed, and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find when you shake it out – we’ve found seahorses, trigger fish, you name it.”  (LiveAquaria has great pictures of  all manner of triggerfish.)  “Or just go hang out on the pier.”

Two of Lance’s favorite parks, while not in Pompano, are a short drive away.  “Quiet Waters Park is amazing – they have a wading pool, slides, everything!  We used to take Hunter there all the time.”  Or, if you prefer a real back-to-nature experience, Lance recommends, “check out John U. Lloyd State Park, where you can barbecue on the beach.”

Thanks, Lance, and good luck, Jim!


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